Budapest tram line 1 reconstruction (Bécsi Rd.-Kerepesi Rd.)
On 16 August 2013, the Centre for Budapest Transport signed the contract with the consortium founded by Colas Alterra and A-híd Építő Zrt. for the reconstruction of Budapest’s tram line no. 1 between Bécsi Road and Kerepesi Road.

The project entails the renovation of platforms on the entire section, while six of the stations are to be equipped with elevators, and two of them with escalators. In addition, we will perform an upgrade of the direct current power network by installing new transformers to ensure a more effective power supply.

Client: BKK Budapesti Közlekedési Központ Zrt.

Starting date: 28/09/2013Kezdés: 2013.09.28.

Completion date: 15/01/2015Befejezés: 2015.01.15.

Location: Budapest

Track construction: 10 700 m demolition / 9 700 m constructionVágányépítés: 10 700 m demolition / 9 700 m construction
Aerial: 195Felsővezeték: 195
Cable laying: 31 300 mKábelfektetés: 31 300 m
Colas Hungária