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Budapest VI. district - sewer reconstruction works
Reconstruction works in urban environment (VI. Csengery u. (Szondi u. – Podmaniczky u.) was carried out while maintaining public services on the public sewer network in operation, together with the necessary demolition and reconstruction of the pavement, including substructure and superstructure works. The rehabilitation of the pavement was carried out on a temporary basis, as road construction in the district will follow the sewer reconstruction works.

Technical data:
68 fm of fibreglass reinforced plastic sewer pipe inserted into the existing 63/95 cm t/b sewer
7,3 fm 60/90 cm t/ØPE
9.3 fm DN 400 KG-PVC SN8 trunk sewer construction
146.8 fm installation of glass fibre reinforced plastic pipe in 63/95 t/b scalped section as liner pipe, pipe diameter 50.8/100 cm t/pipe
Construction of 21 house service pipes
Construction of 7 water inlets
Construction of 11 roof drains
Construction of 7 sinking manholes
Construction of 10 cleaning manholes
Construction of 1 manhole

Client: Fővárosi Csatornázási Művek Zrt.

Starting date: 08/08/2023Kezdés: 2023.08.08.

Completion date: 06/11/2023Befejezés: 2023.11.06.

Location: Budapest VI. kerület, Csengery utca (Szondi utca – Podmaniczky utca)

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