Construction of sewers and wastewater treatment plant in Biharkeresztes and Ártánd
ALTERRA Kft. constructed the sewage network and wastewater treatment plant of Biharkeresztes and Ártánd.

Main parameters of the project:

  • NA 300 KG PVC gravitational main sewer-315 m
  • NA 200 KG PVC gravitational main sewer-25 610 m
  • NA 150 KG PVC gravitational sewer-17 670 m
  • Home access-1 813 pieces
  • Incorporating family units-3 pieces
  • Sewage pump of the township (administrative area)-11 pieces
  • Sewage pressure pipe D63-D90-2 116 m
  • Road reconstruction-16 200 m2

Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant capable of receiving waste water transferred through public sewers and pumped waste water:

  • capacity-500 m³/d (3200 LEÉ)
  • liquid waste of the township (pumped waste water) its receipt and treatment   40 m³/d (800 LEÉ)
  • road construction-840 m2
  • landscaping-1600 m2

Starting date: 16/04/2006Kezdés: 2006.04.16.

Completion date: 30/06/2007Befejezés: 2007.06.30.

Location: Biharkeresztes

Colas Hungária