Extension of tramline 1 in Budapest - Colas Alterra
Extension of tramline 1 in Budapest
The consortium called to life by Colas Alterra Zrt. and Siemens Zrt. is extending Budapest’s tramline 1 up to Etele Square. The project also includes various reconstruction works east of the Danube.

Following the completion of the previous stage of the extension – which also involved works by Colas Alterra – the tramline reached Fehérvári Road, a significant north-south public transport corridor. The aim of the current investment is to complete the line by adding the last section, thus establishing a connection between tramline 1, the Kelenföld railway station, numerous urban and intercity bus lines, subway line 4, as well as tramlines 19 and 49.

Client: Centre for Budapest Transport

Starting date: 06/11/2017Kezdés: 2017.11.06.

Completion date: 09/07/2019Befejezés: 2019.07.09.

Location: Budapest

Track construction: 1.7 kmVágányépítés: 1.7 km
Number of stops: 3Megállóhelyek száma: 3
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