Keszthely sewage treatment plant - Colas Alterra
Keszthely sewage treatment plant
In consortium with Szabadics Zrt, Alterra’s Székesfehérvár-based division kicked off the reconstruction of the local wastewater treatment plant in Keszthely, the capital of Lake Balaton on 17 October 2013. The plant – located in the southern outskirts of the city – receives and cleans wastewater from 17 settlements in addition to Keszthely itself. The final recipient of the treated wastewater is Lake Balaton, a highly sensitive eco-system. Therefore, emission thresholds for phosphorous, total nitrogen and suspended solid concentrations in the treated water are very strict. Accordingly, the target of the modernisation is not capacity enhancement, rather the optimisation of treatment procedures.

Starting date: 17/10/2013Kezdés: 2013.10.17.

Completion date: 31/03/2015Befejezés: 2015.03.31.

Location: Keszthely

Number of piles: 70Cölöpök száma: 70
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