Northern main collector in Rákosvölgy - Colas Alterra
Northern main collector in Rákosvölgy
The first phase of the Rákosvölgy main collector was built by our predecessor, Alterra Kft., and after a long period of intermission the continuation of the job we could build. The open-ditch segments are contracted to be done which will use narrow-work-pit technology, while the “pressed” sections are built using micro-tunnel technology.

Main parameters of the project:

  • 1036 m NA1400 ROCLA and 9 m KG-PVC (average depth: 6 m)
  • 1012,60 m no-dig sewer laying (AVN technology) :171 m NA1200 and 841,6 m NA 1400 ROCLA pipe jacking (average depth 8 m)
  • 22 pits,
  • 4 reinforced concrete constructed wetlands,
  • Road reconstruction:
    road: 20cm thick sandy gravel, 20 cm thick C12 concrete, 4 thick asphalt binding layers: 1584m2 and 4 thick asphalt coating layers AC11 2167 m2,
    pavement: 10cm thick sandy gravel, 10 cm thick C12 concrete, 3cm thick sprayed asphalt 198,5 m2

Client: Budapest Főváros Főpolgármesteri Hivatala

Starting date: 26/07/2010Kezdés: 2010.07.26.

Completion date: 27/05/2011Befejezés: 2011.05.27.

Location: Budapest - Rákosvölgy

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