Óbuda sewer reconstruction - Colas Alterra
Óbuda sewer reconstruction
Colas Alterra’s crews are engaged in works on Bécsi Road in District III of the Hungarian capital.

The junction at Nagyszombat Street required pipe jacking, in which we chose DN1200 steel sleeves with DN1000 SN10000 FRP pipes pulled inside.

The open-ditch constructions were secured with large-plate Rollbox shoring. Demolition of the pavement came as the first phase of works, performed with the tried-and-true asphalt deep-milling technique. Pipes to be laid consist of 170 metres of 70/105 and 134 metres of 60/90 FRP egg-shaped sections. The draughty weather preceding the works had a favourable effect on groundwater levels, making dewatering unnecessary.

Client: Fővárosi Csatornázási Művek Zrt.

Starting date: 11/06/2014Kezdés: 2014.06.11.

Completion date: 15/03/2015Befejezés: 2015.03.15.

Location: Budapest

Length: 170 m 70/105 FRP / 134 lm 60/90 FRPHossz: 170 m 70/105 FRP / 134 lm 60/90 FRP
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