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Pipe jacking under the Danube
The Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant was built on the northern edge of the Csepel Island, which receives sewage water from the pump stations of Kelenföld and Ferencváros. The waste waters of Buda and Pest need to be transferred here under the Danube. The waters of main collectors of Buda and Pest are transferred trought two parallel reinforced concrete pipes each.

  • Sections on land:
    DN 1200 concrete pipe          747 m
    (Extrusion:             747  m)
  • Transition under the Danube:
    DN 1320 concrete pipe             966 m
    (all of it was made with extrusion)
  • Constructive works:
    „A” type pit, bottom depth                      19,1 m
    „B” type pit, bottom depth                     26,6 m

Pressure pipe pair of Ferencváros:

  • Sections on land (Ferencváros and Csepel):
    DN 1400 concrete pipe           1350 m
    (Extrusion:              490 m)
  • Transition under the Ráckeve-Soroksár Danube branch:
    DN 1320 concrete pipe          596 m
  • Constructive works:
    „I” type pit, bottom depth:                  20,30 m
    „II” type pit, bottom depth:                  22,76 m

Starting date: 01/01/2008Kezdés: 2008.01.01.

Completion date: 31/12/2008Befejezés: 2008.12.31.

Location: Budapest

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