Rebuilding of the drain structure at Tass - Colas Alterra
Rebuilding of the drain structure at Tass
The works contract has been awarded to the consortium of Colas Alterra and Strabag, allowing us to assume a key role in improving the water quality of the Ráckeve Danube-branch.
The series of investments targeting the improvement of water quality in the Ráckeve (Soroksár) Danube-branch (RSD) has arrived at a new milestone: the next step entails the reconstruction of a water-drainage structure, which was destroyed by extensive flooding in 1956. Ensuring proper water quality in the area is crucial, as the RSD is an important tourist destination with popular fishing spots and natural values under national protection. Presently, a boat lock serves to drain water, but reaching the desired water-management goals requires the establishment of a new multifunctional water-drain unit. The 5.28-billion-forint investment is managed by Hungary’s General Directorate of Water Management with funding from the EU’s Environmental and Energy
Efficiency Operational Programme.

Client: General Directorate of Water Management

Starting date: 26/09/2018Kezdés: 2018.09.26.

Completion date: 27/06/2020Befejezés: 2020.06.27.

Earthworks: 128 000 m3Földmunka: 128 000 m3
Structural concrete: 7600 m3Szerkezeti beton: 7600 m3
Steel structures: 187 tAcélszerkezet: 187 t
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