Sewer reconstruction works in Budapest’s District XXII. - Colas Alterra
Sewer reconstruction works in Budapest's District XXII.
The reconstruction, involving the building of brand new main lines was crucial, since the existing wastewater- and rainwater discharge lines pass underneath the Törley sparkling wine factory, making their maintenance extremely complicated – as a result, the lines are in poor condition, filled up with sludge on several points.

The project is made up of two construction phases. The first one covered the sections under the Törley plant, and the currently ongoing second concerns the sections in Háros Street, outside the facility. Works on the premises of the Törley factory could only be performed during the three-week-long summer production break.

Therefore, the job roared ahead at a very swift pace, with 12-hour-long and weekend shifts – fortunately, weather was on our side, and we were able to hand over the viacolor-covered, restored yard to the Törley Factory’s management on 9 August, two days before the completion deadline.

Client: Fővárosi Csatornázási Művek Zrt.

Starting date: 08/07/2013Kezdés: 2013.07.08.

Completion date: 09/08/2013Befejezés: 2013.08.09.

Location: Budapest

Length: 100 + 75 m FGRHossz: 100 + 75 m FGR
Diameter: D80Átmérő: D80
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