Utility construction works in Budapest’s Városliget - Colas Alterra
Utility construction works in Budapest's Városliget
In early 2017, a public procurement procedure was launched in connection with the utility construction works related to the comprehensive renovation of Budapest’s second-largest city park, the Városliget.
Colas Alterra competed successfully, opening the way for the signature of the contract with the client, Városliget Zrt. In the agreement, we undertook the following obligations: demolition of the existing water-supply system’s 800 mm cast-iron main line; construction of Dn 400 mm ductile pressurised water line along a section of Ajtósi Dürer Road; relocation of trolleybus routes 74, 75 and 79 to Ajtósi Dürer Road and Dózsa György Road, and the reconstruction of the 600 V power network. As the new Városliget Theatre, Ethnographic Museum and an underground parking garage will be erected in close proximity to Dózsa György Road, the work sites of the aforementioned facilities had to be left unobstructed.

Client: Városliget Zrt.

Starting date: 18/04/2017Kezdés: 2017.04.18.

Completion date: 01/04/2018Befejezés: 2018.04.01.

Location: Budapest

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