VGP Park BUD Aerozone Industrial Park utility development - Colas Alterra
VGP Park BUD Aerozone Industrial Park utility development
Technical data:
– 30 000+ m3 excavation
– 50 000+ tonnes of crushed stone
– 16 000+ m3 of concrete
– 14 000+ tonnes of asphalt
– 13+ km of kerb construction
– 15+ km of utility pipelines
– 12+ km construction of electricity lines
– 280+ construction of concrete structures for sewage and storm water drainage
– installation of 190+ lamp posts
– 250+ installation of traffic signs

Colas Alterra Zrt. carried out the road and utility construction works of VGP Park BUD Aerozone between February 2022 and November 2023. Road construction included the construction of paved pedestrian walkways and parking lots, curbing, road earthwork, road base construction and asphalting, basalt concrete dock construction, and construction of traffic engineering elements. Public works included the complete and professional drainage of rainwater run-off from the roof and falling on the green/road surface. In addition to the construction of water and sewerage pipes, we also installed sprinkler ground lines, gas pipelines and electrical networks. In addition, our company also carried out hydraulic soil stabilisation and the construction of a crushed stone bedding for industrial floors.

Starting date: 22/02/2022Kezdés: 2022.02.22.

Completion date: 30/11/2023Befejezés: 2023.11.30.

Location: Üllő

Colas Hungária