Waste-sorting plant in Budapest’s District 10 - Colas Alterra
Waste-sorting plant in Budapest's District 10
Colas Alterra was working in the Hungarian capital’s District X on a new facility of Budapest’s eco-friendly waste management system, simply referred to as the “large waste sorting plant”. We initiated large-scale earthworks, landscaping and foundation works in June 2015.

The new plant will perform the sorting of selectively collected paper-, plastic- and metal waste for further processing and management, with an annual capacity of 40 000 tonnes. Sorting and processing equipment will be installed in the newly built waste sorting and bale storage hall, which is an unheated, 5100 m2, steel structure building with corrugated steel roofing and siding, and a fibre-reinforced industrial floor. We also erected a machine storage shed and a social block for the plant’s workers. Besides our main tasks, we were also required to set up the complete public utility network, two 60-tonne weighbridges, and 800 m of pre-cast concrete block noise wall also serving as the facility’s perimeter fence.

Client: Local Government of Budapest

Starting date: 17/04/2015Kezdés: 2015.04.17.

Completion date: 16/11/2015Befejezés: 2015.11.16.

Location: Budapest

Area: 5 100 m2Terület: 5 100 m2
Colas Hungária