Another section added to BUBA: you can cycle from the capital all the way to Velence Lake Colas Hungária
Another section added to BUBA: you can cycle from the capital all the way to Velence Lake

2022. 08. 15..

Cyclists didn’t have to wait long to cycle on another section of the Budapest-Balaton (BUBA) cycle route. As we wrote in our newspaper, the first section between the capital and Etyek was put into operation on 17 June, and from today you can reach all the way to Venice Lake by bicycle. According to the investor, the Etyek-Velence section of the 108,2 km Budapest-Balaton cycle route is 32,6 km long, including the existing 2,9 km cycle path between Gyúró and Tordas. The construction was carried out with domestic funds in two sub-sections: the Etyek-Tordas section was carried out by Colas Út Zrt., and the Tordas-Velence section by SWIETELSKY Magyarország Kft., for a total net value of HUF 2.7 billion.

rest areas along the route

The investment in Etyek, Gyúró, Tordas, Kajászó, Pázmánd, Nadap and the town of Venice

  • an 18-kilometre-long mixed-use agricultural and cycling road was built by ditching existing dirt roads,
  • a new independent cycle path has been built for 1.9 km between Nadap and Venice,
  • 1.2 km of pavement has been resurfaced and a cycle lane has been marked,
  • 8.6 kilometres of traffic engineering works (painting and signposting) were carried out,
  • in addition, a new bridge was built over the Bágyom stream in Pázmánd and existing bridges were rebuilt or renovated.

There are also two new rest areas along the route, with benches and tables for cyclists who want to take a break.

A cycling bridge was also built in Pázmánd

On the 12.3 km Etyek-Tordas section the bridge over the Sajgó stream in Etyek was rebuilt. A new cycling rest area has also been built on the border between Etyek and Gyúró. In the residential area of Gyuró, the cycle route is marked on the pavement of the national road, where it joins the almost 3-kilometre-long cycle route to Tordas. In the residential area of Tordas, the route is marked on the national road and on the pavement of local residential streets.
The 17.5-kilometre-long Tordas-Velence section joins the previous Etyek-Tordas section at the border of the Tordas residential area. Work started in summer 2021. In March, we published a series of photos and a detailed article about the ongoing works, and a month before the completion, our crew shot a video of the cycle path, which has been open to cyclists since mid-July.
In the investment
  • 9.1 km of mixed traffic sections with both agricultural and cycling traffic,
  • a new section of independent cycle path has been built for almost 2 kilometres,
  • traffic engineering interventions were carried out on a further 6.4 kilometres,
  • In Pázmánd, a 6 m clear-span cycling bridge has been built over the Bágyom vessel.

The related works involved the installation and reconstruction of fire hydrants, communication line piles and electric piles. New street lighting was installed in Kaunas, Pázmánd and Venice.

The section reaches Velence Lake in the residential area of Velence and joins the next section of the Budapest-Balaton cycling route, Velence-Székesfehérvár, at Enyedi Street, and the cycle route around Velence Lake.

More sections will be added to the route soon

Zoltán Tessely, Member of Parliament for the third constituency of Fejér county, said: “The section opened today takes you through beautiful landscapes and villages. We are delighted that we can now show this to others through the cycle path.”

Máriusz Révész, State Secretary for Active Hungary, underlined: “The role of the State Secretariat is to create the conditions for everyone to get plenty of exercise, at home if possible and close to where they live. The construction of the Budapest-Balaton cycle path serves exactly this purpose.”

Zoltán Juhász, Deputy Road Development Director of NIF Zrt. added: “Almost a month ago, we started a series of inaugurations that will see the 108-kilometre section of the Budapest-Balaton cycle path opened to cyclists. It was also important to choose a design that would take as little as possible from the natural environment. Good news for cyclists is that we will continue the series of handovers next month.”

Colas Hungária