The story of the memorial place at M86 Colas Hungária
The story of the memorial place at M86

2020. 10. 21..

The memorial place created at the M86 Rábaközi resting place, in Hungary has its origin in the XV century. It follows the tradition of a roadside cross and a sacred statue. The statue also has a commemorative and praising function.

One of the two statues on the M86 road was handed over on May 27, 2020, which commemorates the people who died on the given road section. In addition to calming down, it is possible to pray, but also to place nameplates and wreaths.

The two statues feature the sculptural formal language characteristic of Áron Zsolt Majoros, which forms a special bridge between the classical archaic plastic thinking and the image-spatial approach built from layers, which renews their days. The layered system of sculptures lets in light, thereby dissolving the mass of the body and giving way to sacred, transcendent content.

Colas Hungária