Rehabilitation of the shore at Lake Velence - Colas Alterra
Rehabilitation of the shore at Lake Velence

2020. 10. 21..

The works on Lake Velence started in 2018 in the consortium of Colas Alterra Zrt. and Swietelsky Magyarország Kft. They are currently at a 50% level. The video about this can be viewed on our Facebook page. The aim is to modernize the coastal defenses for 29 km and to carry out dredging to protect water quality by moving approximately 40.000 m3 of sludge.

One of the challenges at this project is that what happens in the summer when tourists come to visit the lake? Currently, we are working on areas that are less popular for visitors, slightly disturbing the comfort of the rest areas.

The professionals working on the project use special technological solutions in the work, such as placing reinforced concrete panels between the steel beams, using crust panels to stabilize the corner retaining wall, forming an island or providing stone cladding to the shore walls.

The project is expected to reach its end in the summer of 2021. We continue to ask for the understanding and patience of the residents and visitors of Lake Velence, with this work the goal is to improve the water quality of the lake and to maintain the good ecological condition for a long time, which is in the interest of all of us!


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