Apc pool for aluminum blast furnace slag storage #6 - Colas Alterra
Apc pool for aluminum blast furnace slag storage #6
Salker Salakfeldolgozó és Kereskedelmi Ltd. operates its aluminium slag dust landfill site on a 4.9 Ha plot on the outskirts of the settlement of Apc. The constructions works for the line of structures and other related servicing establishments for the landfill for normal slag, salt slag and filter dust that are categorised as class II hazardous waste commenced in 1992. Following this, the storage areas marked I-II-III and IV were built in accordance with the required schedule. ALTERRA Ltd. is the contractor of the No V basin. When constructing basin No V we built a monolith re-enforced concrete basin with multiple insulation (clay and HDPE plastic). Filling takes place in layers, between the layers clay insulation and a covering layer will be spread. After the storage is full the area will be re-cultivated.

Starting date: 01/02/2008Kezdés: 2008.02.01.

Completion date: 22/12/2008Befejezés: 2008.12.22.

Location: Apc

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