Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant - Colas Alterra
Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant
The new sewerage treatment plant constructed by a consortium of Degrémont S.A., OTV France, Hídépítő Rt. and our predecessor, ALTERRA Kft. included primary and biological secondary treatment facilities plus sludge treatment facilities with the related design, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and control technology works and a 12-month trial operation period. Average dry weather flow capacity of the Plant: 300,000 m3/day.

Main parameters of the project:

  • Pre-treatment and air-blower station with a primary sedimentation block of facilities: 1 unit
  • Activated sludge and secondary clarifier structures:2 units
  • Electrical building:2 units
  • Primary sludge thickener tank:3 units
  • Biological and chemical odour control structure:1 unit
  • Chemical storage building:1 unit
  • Gas holder:2 units
  • Gaz flare:1 unit
  • Combined heat and power building:1 unit
  • Sludge digester tower:3 units
  • Power station and pasteurization building:1 unit
  • Sludge dewatering and thickening building:1 unit
  • Sludge silo and truck washer building:1 unit
  • Digested sludge storage tank:1 unit
  • Weight bridge:1 unit
  • Workshop and storage building:1 unit
  • Administrative building:1 unit
  • Guardhouse:1 unit
  • Road and floor surface
  • Underground networks (potable water, wastewater and flow water drainage, pumps, raw wastewater pipes,  district heating, biogas/gas odour control pipes, sludge pressure pipes, water meter shafts, chemical reagent delivery areas

Starting date: 27/01/2006Kezdés: 2006.01.27.

Completion date: 10/06/2010Befejezés: 2010.06.10.

Location: Budapest

Colas Hungária