Budapest Complex Integrated Sewage Project (BKISZ) III/1: Éles corner - Colas Alterra
Budapest Complex Integrated Sewage Project (BKISZ) III/1: Éles corner
The works are to be completed in two phases: in the first of those, we will build a 250-metre-long DN 400 sewage line between Fehér Road and Albertirsai Road, using KG-PVC SN8 pipes and an open ditch method. As part of this section, we are to construct seven cleaning manholes and one flow monitoring manhole.

The second part of the line will be constructed with microtunneling technology, using 120 m of DN/OD 550 glass-reinforced polyester pipes. The jacking itself will be divided into two stages: towards Albertirsai Road on 78 metres, and – subsequently – towards Kolozsvári Street on 42 metres. Microtunneling is quite similar to the technology used for building metro tunnels, only with smaller diameters. Soil is broken down with a boring machine, while its continuous progress is ensured with hydraulic jacks.

Once the jacking is concluded, we will build three further cleaning manholes, as well as the flow control structure in Kolozsvári Street. The structure has two functions: firstly, it provides a water distribution possibility from the 80/120 main collector, and secondly, the isolating valve for shutting off the newly built pipe section will be installed here. Furthermore, an automatic water discharge metre will be placed in the flow monitoring manhole set up on the open-ditch section. The control system will rely on this device to operate the isolating valve.

Client: Local Government of Budapest

Starting date: 29/05/2014Kezdés: 2014.05.29.

Completion date: 05/11/2014Befejezés: 2014.11.05.

Location: Budapest

Length: 250 m open trench / 120 m pipe jackingHossz: 250 m open trench / 120 m pipe jacking
Diameter: DN 400 KG-PVC SN8 / DN/OD 550Átmérő: DN 400 KG-PVC SN8 / DN/OD 550
Colas Hungária