Jaguar Land Rover plant stormwater drainage - Colas Alterra
Jaguar Land Rover plant stormwater drainage
A member of the Colas Group, Cesty Nitra a.s., started infrastructure-construction works related to the Jaguar Land Rover factory in late 2016. Alterra is currently participating in the establishment of the stormwater-drainage network.

The construction of the British carmaker’s new factory was kicked off in September 2016. Once the 1.1-billion-pound investment is completed, the 300,000-square-metre facility will become the first plant making the Jaguar Land Rover in continental Europe. The associated infrastructural tasks have been awarded to Slovakian Colas subsidiary Cesty Nitra a.s. Through several road-building projects, water-engineering tasks, infrastructural works, and maintenance jobs, the firm – which joined the Colas family in 2000 – has been a key player on the Slovakian construction market for 60 years.

Cesty Nitra commenced the works in the last quarter of 2016 by setting up temporary traffic routes, which was followed by the earthworks for the stormwater reservoirs, and the construction of the drainage network itself. Colas Alterra Zrt. undertook a share of the latter work phase. The corresponding contract requires us to build 2,800 metres of stormwater drains from regular and corrugated PP pipes, and to link them up to the reservoirs by casting the outlets into concrete headwalls. The construction works are currently running at full speed on the two-square-kilometre job site. Besides the stormwater-drainage network, pipes for the district-heating system are also being installed. According to the plans, some 150,000 vehicles will be assembled in the Nitra plant in the first year of production alone, and the factory – designed in a way to enable production to be doubled later on – will provide employment for 2,800 people. The Nitra facility of Jaguar will become the fourth in the line of car factories operating in Slovakia, following the plants of Volkswagen in Bratislava, PSA in Trnava, and Kia in Žilina. Jaguar Land Rover has decided to produce one of its latest models in the Central European country, and the first examples are scheduled to roll off the production line in the second half of 2018.

Client: Cesty Nitra AS

Starting date: 06/03/2017Kezdés: 2017.03.06.

Completion date: 31/07/2017Befejezés: 2017.07.31.

Location: Nyitra

Length: 2 800 mHossz: 2 800 m
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