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Miskolc Biogas Plant
The biogas plant poses a solution for utilising wastewater sludge generated in Miskolc and the surrounding agglomeration.

The major structures the company undertook to construct are the digester, the fermenter, the sludge and waste inlet station, and the condensation water shaft.

Structural construction works for the two digester towers came to an end on 30 August. Each of the buildings have a diameter of 18 m, and were built with 35-cm-thick walls. 125 pieces of C1 TSDa piles were prepared for the foundation of each tower. Their structure is post-tensioned, and strands are embedded in concrete. Measured from the foundation slab to the top cover, the walls of the towers are 16-m-high. The structural construction of each tower required 650 m3 of concrete.

The staircase protrudes from the power room located between the two digester towers. However, the “T”-shaped power room is independent from the digesters – this structure was founded on 40 pieces of the same type of pile as the towers. The amount of structural concrete used was 200 m3.

The sludge and waste inlet station is composed primarily of an underground structure with monolith reinforced concrete compartments and a small superstructure. The overall dimensions of the installation are 16.6 x 12.6 m, while its foundation level is 4.4 m below terrain level.

Client: Biogas-Miskolc Kft.

Starting date: 20/06/2012Kezdés: 2012.06.20.

Completion date: 15/09/2014Befejezés: 2014.09.15.

Concrete: 650 +200 m3Beton: 650 +200 m3
Number of piles: 125 + 40Cölöpök száma: 125 + 40
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