Reconstruction of Hungária and Száva tram depots - Colas Alterra
Reconstruction of Hungária and Száva tram depots
With the intention of upgrading its fleet, the BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport) has recently purchased 47 brand-new trams from CAF. The new vehicles are longer than the types previously used, and represent a significantly higher technical standard, which rendered the existing depot infrastructure insufficient for their maintenance. With consideration to the newly arisen requirements, the development of the vehicle depots – including the Száva and Hungária facilities – became unavoidable. Colas Alterra Zrt. was awarded the tram-depot-conversion works. Inside the Száva depot building, we reconstructed or upgraded several components of the supporting equipment: for instance, we installed new sand-filling devices and lifting jacks, and replaced the old vehicle-washing system. We also set up a steel-frame podium to facilitate maintenance works on the tops of the trams. As the undisturbed operation of the depot was to be guaranteed at all times, we had to ensure that the works did not obstruct the movement of the trams.

Hall “A” of the Hungária depot also underwent reconstruction – for this, we removed all the tracks, including the steel and reinforced concrete inspection pits, the unused lifting jacks, and the walkways. To replace the demolished structures, we built three tracks complete with inspection pits. Each track is 123 metres long, and they rest on 306 pieces of 40×40 cm reinforced concrete supports. In addition, steel-frame podiums were installed near two of the tracks, and we set up a 500-kg rotating crane for parts to be removed or mounted onto the trams. We were also responsible for constructing the overhead cables, the power grid, the compressed-air system, and other pieces of auxiliary equipment. Subsequent to the completion of the structure, all concrete
surfaces were covered with an artificial resin coating. Due to the tight deadline, we had to pay special attention to organising the work phases in accordance with the previously defined strict sequence.

The project’s construction period covered only 133 days, and three interim milestones also had to be met. The operational trials of the depots have been concluded, and the trams – including the new CAF types – are using the repair and maintenance facilities on a regular basis, to the complete satisfaction of
the operators.

Client: BKK Zrt.

Starting date: 17/07/2015Kezdés: 2015.07.17.

Completion date: 25/11/2015Befejezés: 2015.11.25.

Location: Budapest

Colas Hungária