Road and tram line reconstruction in Görgey Street - Colas Alterra
Road and tram line reconstruction in Görgey Street
In Budapest’s District IV, Colas Alterra Zrt. is to give Görgey Artúr Street a complete, wall-to-wall makeover between István Road and Szilágyi Road. Tram lines 12 and 14 also pass through the affected section.

The shared tramway between Kiss Ernő Street and Szilágyi Road will receive a monolith basalt concrete pavement, and the project also involves the conversion of the István Street junction. Accessible lateral platforms will be built at three locations, while the upgrade of the Rózsa Street junction will cover the renovation of sidewalks and green surfaces. Furthermore, the establishment of parking spaces and sidewalks with curbside gardens also form a part of the scheme.

Trams and motor vehicles will share the new lanes – consequently, the distance between the track centres had to be increased to 3.6 metres from the previous 3.2 metres. Bicycle lanes will be set up between the shared lanes and the parking lanes, and led through behind the platforms at tram stops.

The pavement was designed with a crowned cross slope, and curbside storm drains will be installed on the pavement to solve drainage. The reconstruction project comprises the replacement of the complete tram track structure: old, worn-out tracks will be substituted with Phoenix 59R2 type girder rails. The planned road and tramway remodelling will completely transform the surface drainage system, requiring the relocation of storm drain inlets. The comprehensive nature of the investment is illustrated well by the fact that even the power network supplying the adjacent properties will be rebuilt.

Client: Centre for Budapest Transport

Starting date: 16/02/2015Kezdés: 2015.02.16.

Completion date: 29/01/2016Befejezés: 2016.01.29.

Location: Budapest

Length: 1 595 mHossz: 1 595 m
Asphalt: 840 m3Aszfalt: 840 m3
Concrete: 9 809 m2Beton: 9 809 m2
Kerbstone: 3 010 mSzegély: 3 010 m
Track construction: 3 190 mVágányépítés: 3 190 m
Number of stops: 6Megállóhelyek száma: 6
Aerial: 3 090 mFelsővezeték: 3 090 m
Bite: 6 228 m3Marás: 6 228 m3
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