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Salker slag-powder deposit
Construction works for two new pools at the Apc slag-powder deposit had come to a close in 2018 and a successful technical handover procedure followed the works in September. Following initial complications – soil exchange, high groundwater levels – we thought that we were finally on track, but the weather held a different opinion. Operations had to be put on hold from mid-February to mid-April, as water and mud made the job site completely inaccessible. Circumstances were far from ideal to begin with: due to the high clay content of the soil, water wouldn’t seep away naturally from the deep work pit, which required constant pumping to remove rainwater and groundwater. Consequently, each heavier rainfall interrupted the performance of the works, and we had no way to cope with this issue – outdoor works simply carry such risks. Fortunately, we also had a fair share of good weather, when we cast concrete and moved on with the formworks every one or two days. Besides the company in general, the five-strong team led by site manager József Szomszéd can be especially proud of the high quality of the pools, as well as our subcontractor for structural works, Józan Kft., and our partner in waterproofing, Geofólia Kft. We are confident that our client, Salker Salakfeldolgozó és Kereskedelmi Kft. will trust us with further works in the future.

Client: SALKER Salakfeldolgozó és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Starting date: 01/07/2017Kezdés: 2017.07.01.

Completion date: 31/07/2018Befejezés: 2018.07.31.

Concrete: 3537 m3Beton: 3537 m3
Number of structures: 2Műtárgyak száma: 2
Area: 10 728 m2Terület: 10 728 m2

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