Track renovation on Budapest tramline 4/6 - Colas Alterra
Track renovation on Budapest tramline 4/6
Lines 4 and 6 running on Budapest’s Grand Boulevard are among the busiest tramlines in Central Europe – therefore, the reconstruction
job was split into several phases, and will be completed within a span of multiple years. Between 1994 and 2000, the outdated superstructure was replaced with a continuous support track system built onto reinforced concrete slabs. Our recent task included the rebuilding and modernisation of this superstructure, which has worn out since the last intervention.
In the track zone, the pavement and all metal components down to the upper level of the reinforced concrete slabs had to be removed. Afterwards, the existing slabs received the 230-millimetre-wide rail troughs with drilled and cemented anchoring and wire-mesh einforcement. The track structure was built with expansion joints placed 16 metres apart and contraction joints cut and sealed 1-2 metres apart.

Starting date: 06/07/2019Kezdés: 2019.07.06.

Completion date: 01/09/2019Befejezés: 2019.09.01.

Location: Budapest

Colas Hungária