How the road between Kecskemét and Nagykőrös is progressing: the road network around the county capital takes a big step forward Colas Hungária
How the road between Kecskemét and Nagykőrös is progressing: the road network around the county capital takes a big step forward

2022. 08. 15..

Last time, in May, we wrote about the ongoing development of the 441 main road between Kecskemét and Nagykőrös, which carries significant traffic. NIF National Infrastructure Developing’s project, worth around HUF 8.5 billion net, is being financed from domestic sources: the construction is particularly important because it will make transport safer and faster on the main route for commuters from Nagykőrös to Kecskemét.

The development of the 441 by Colas Út Zrt.

  • a 2,79 km stretch of the 445 north bypass from Kecskemét to the Mathiász Primary School in Katonatelep will be widened to four lanes,
  • and the road between the northern bypass 445 in Kecskemét and the Téglagyári street in Nagykőrös will be resurfaced for more than 7 km.


NIF informed about further details and progress of the project. According to the investor, preparatory and earthworks are already underway: carry out the necessary tree felling, demolish fences and build new fences (the latter necessary due to the change in property boundaries). Soil stabilisation work will also be carried out to create new cycle and service road sections.

Work is well underway on the excavation of the humus in preparation for further construction, and the excavation of archaeological sites adjacent to the pavement has also begun.

As you can see in the pictures, Colas workers have reinforced the pavement on the inner section of Nagykőrös for about one kilometre, and have also painted new pavement signs.


During the development, a new roundabout will be built at the junction of roads 441 and 4614 in Nagykőrös (Nagykőrös, Ady Endre street junction), and a roundabout will also be built at Téglagyári road. The section will then be paved with 11 service roads and the service roads east of the main road will be paved with asphalt when the road is opened. A total of 6 signalised junctions and 3 vehicle classification junctions and a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights will be built in Katonatelep.

There will also be a new cycle path: although there was already a cycle path on this stretch, the new pavement and its ancillary facilities will take up the current lane of the cycle path due to the widening of the road, so it has been necessary to rebuild it. The resulting new cycle path will start from the junction at Téglagyár Street, continue on the west side until Katonatelep Gyökér Street, and finally be transferred to the east side of the road at Gyökér Street.

In addition, as NIF staff explained to this newspaper, the bus shelters in the Katonatelep will also be relocated, creating a total of 8 pairs of bus shelters (so that local bus services can be re-routed).

The project also includes a design task: where the main road crosses the 445 northern bypass there is currently a single-lane roundabout. Design plans are being prepared for the extension of the roundabout junction, so that it can be expanded in the future to cope with the expected development of the area.

Colas Hungária