Summary of the M25 project Colas Hungária
Summary of the M25 project

2020. 10. 21..

Construction works began in 2018 and happened in several phases. The resources used during the construction work were as follows: three sand mines, one target producer, two asphalt mixers and one concrete mixer. During the northern phase of the investment, 549.500 cubic meters of material were moved during the embankment works and 39.300 tons of asphalt mix was spread. The 3.9 km long northern phase was completed in 16 months, on time. In the southern phase, the construction happened in two stages. In the 7.5 km long northern section, between the main road 3 and Andornaktálya-south, and the 5.885 km south section between the M3 motorway and the main road 3.In the northern section 80.000 tons of asphalt mix was installed and a barrier system of 35.000 meters was built. In the southern section 325.489 square meters were grassed, 1.815 trees were planted and 102 trafficsigns were placed.

With the opening of the trumpet-shaped separation junction of the M3-M25, the motorway can be directly connected to the Hungarian network, and the city of Eger can be reached quickly and safely via the motorway.

Photo: NIF Zrt. and Máté Szabó

Colas Hungária