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Colas wins new innovation tender

2020. 03. 25..

The National Reserach, Development and Innovation Office awarded our application for developing an asphalt mix optimized for safety, sustainability and noise reduction. The total project costs reach 246,092,100 HUF, the non-refundable subsidy is 109,654,.260 HUF. The aim of the research is to develop user-oriented asphalt mixes capable of reducing noise, have a traffic safety function, and estheticly fit the environment, or in a special case, they are able to provide all these features at the same time. By selecting the optimum components, surface roughness increases, therefore adhesion between the tyre and the pavement improves significantly. Such surfaces are able to reduce noise by 5-10 dB. The colour of the pavement can also indicate the function of the lane or zones that require special attention. Light coloured asphalt mixes can reduce pavement temperature, improve living standards for city residents, and at the same time, reduce the chance for rutting.

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