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Dr. Péter Füleki

Has been working in road laboratories both in Hungary and abroad as a testing engineer and asphalt technologist since 2007. He has also been taking part in the training of future generations at the Széchenyi István University, where he was promoted to associate professor in 2016. Two years before joining the Technology Directorate in 2019, he worked in Germany, where he led research programmes in addition to daily duties as lab manager and technologist.

krisztián szvoboda

In 2017 he graduated as a civil engineer and in 2019 as a technical manager at the Budapest University of Technology. He has been working at Colas since 2016, first as a laboratory technician and then as a technologist. In 2020-21, he worked on an international project as an employee in Colas in the Czech Republic. Since 2022, he has held the position of laboratory manager in the Central Laboratory of the Technology Directorate.

Sándor Szőke

Earned his civil engineering degree in Debrecen in 1997. He managed to find a position in road construction in the very same year, and has not left the trade ever since. He became a member of the Group’s laboratory and technology team in 2005.

Judit Lukácsné Dudás

Joined the Technology Directorate of Colas in 2013. She coordinates the operation of the Dunaharaszti laboratory and the western Hungarian laboratories. She took part in several successful projects in the field of quality control.

Béla Berei

Earned a mechanical engineering degree specialising in road vehicles in 1983. He transferred to the field of instrument and equipment calibration in 2007 as a calibrating engineer and, subsequently, as a lab manager. Before coming to Colas, he worked as the calibrating engineer and, afterwards, lab manager at the laboratory of ÉMI Nonprofit Kft. Currently, he is overseeing the calibrating laboratory of the Technology Directorate, where his responsibilities entail organising lab activities, accreditation, and supporting constant development.

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