Heliocol pavement in the Városliget - Colas Technológia
Heliocol pavement in the Városliget
HELIOCOL is one of Colas’ technologies, which provides a highly decorative surface. Consequently, it is primarily used at special locations (historic sites, parks, gardens, etc.). Similar pavements have been laid in the parks of multiple castles around Versailles and Chambord, France, as well as the historic city centre of Williamsburg (VA), USA.
The light-coloured pavement is intended for sections under intensive bicycle- and pedestrian traffic, but is also able to withstand light vehicle traffic. As some of its main advantages, it fits well into the environment, while it ensures a durable, non-dusty hard surface resistant to deformation, and provides ideal drainage in terms of rainwater.

Hungary’s first HELIOCOL test section was built in one of Budapest’s largest parks, the Városliget, on 23 May 2019.

Starting date: 23/05/2019Kezdés: 2019.05.23.

Completion date: 23/05/2019Befejezés: 2019.05.23.

Location: Budapest

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