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Zoltán Cseh

Joined the international Group on the island of Mauritius in 1991. He has been with Colas Északkő for over 20 years, and took over the management of the firm from his father in 2006.

Balázs Bőhm

Earned degrees in environmental engineering and – subsequently – mining and geotechnical engineering at the Faculty of Mining Engineering (currently: Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering) of the Miskolc University. Ha has been a member of the Colas Északkő team since 2015, and he was picked to become the company’s technical director in January 2016. His key duties include the assurance of technical conditions for efficient production, as well as the coordination of procurement and environmental affairs.

Éva Böszörményiné Lechner

Has been working at Colas Északkő since 2004, and as the firm’s CFO since 2011. She has qualifications in business administration, chartered accounting (IFRS-compatible) and tax consulting. She has gained considerable experience regarding accounting activities pertaining to the mining, milling, as well as grape- and wine-growing sectors.

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