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In line with the EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 standards and the relevant product standards, the Integrated Management System was put in place by the company to support efficient operations and to enhance the trust of our partners. With regard to the production and sales of our products, we consider the following product standards and specifications to be governing:

  • Our products marked Z, NZ and KZ are primarily recommended for asphalt and concrete mixtures. These products are manufactured and sold in accordance with the EN 13043 and EN 12620 standards, in compliance with Hungarian road technical specification e-UT 05.01.12 (ÚT 2-3.601-1)
  • Products with particle sizes of 32/50 and 32/63 are prime railway ballast materials. Production control is performed in line with the 13450 standard and amendment 4 of the 102345/1995. PHMSZ.A specification issued by MÁV Hungarian State Railways
  • Our products marked M and FZKA are primarily recommended for application as base and protective layers of road pavement structures. Such products are manufactured in compliance with the EN 13242 product standard and Hungarian road technical specification e-UT 06.03.52 (ÚT 2-3.207).
  • Our products marked VSZ and having a particle size distribution of 0/D are manufactured in keeping with the EN 13242 product standard, and are recommended for earthworks, protective layers, improving layers, foundation structures and engineering structures.
  • Our VSZ-marked coarse products with a particle size distribution of d/D are manufactured and sold in accordance with the EN 13242 product standard, and are recommended mainly for binderless applications.
  • We are manufacturing and selling crushed rhyolite tuff on the basis of the EN 13242 product standard, but in line with a separate permit for agricultural applications

Factory production control for the aforementioned products is performed in line with the frequency specified in the relevant product standards. Most of the tests are carried out by the Central Laboratory – that enjoys organisational independence from production – set up at the Tállya quarry. Furthermore, each of our plants possesses calibrated measuring equipment for performing the most common particle structure tests.

The quality of our products is stated in declarations of performance. Both the form and content of the declarations in question are in compliance with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council (9 March 2011), as well as the stipulations of Hungarian Government Decree 275/2013. (VII. 16).

Declarations of performance are valid jointly with the relevant delivery notes; they are applicable to the product quantities indicated in the attached delivery note for certifying the performance of products.


Good business relations are based on mutual trust and dialogue – we at Colas Északkő share this view, and colleagues at our sales department conduct our marketing activities with this approach in mind.

Weather supplying ten thousand tonnes of aggregates for a major project, or a few cubic metres of material for your weekend home, we have all the means to meet your requirements: quality, expertise, ample capacity, a nationwide network, and all stone fractions in use within the construction industry.

We do not possess transport vehicles of our own – however, we have an ongoing cooperation with shipping companies over the entire country. As we have been working together for a long time, and our cooperation with these service providers is characterised by mutual trust, we are ready to organise cost-efficient shipments in addition to providing the stone materials.

Our colleagues are at your disposal regarding quotations and supply contracts – backed by a team of devoted professionals, they will be able to offer you the best conditions and the most favourable agreements.

For further information, please do not hesitate to call our sales department at the +36-1-883-1201 or the +36-1-883-1202 number, or send us a message via the link below.

Mechanical stabilisation

Materials for mechanical stabilisation – with maximum particle sizes of 22, 56 or 80 mm – are manufactured in all of our plants. These products are well-compactable, and are therefore characterised by excellent load bearing values.

In addition to materials for mechanical stabilisation, we are also producing crushed stone base layer materials with continuous particle size distribution (FZKA) in three different particle sizes: 0/22, 0/32, and 0/56. All products are manufactured in line with the MSZ EN 13242:2002+A1:2008 product standard (Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction). Furthermore, our materials comply with the e-ÚT 06.03.52 (ÚT 2-3.207:2007) Hungarian Road Technical Specifications (Unbound and hydraulically bound layers of road pavement structures. Design specifications).

Our products for pavement base layer construction are uniform in quality, available constantly, and easy to install.

Asphalt and concrete

Aggregates for asphalt and concrete mixtures are manufactured at several of our plants. These products are marketed in line with the MSZ EN 13043:2003 (Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas) and the MSZ EN 12620:2002+A1:2008 (Aggregates for concrete) standards, in accordance with AVCP level 2+.

Furthermore, in order to comply with Hungarian regulations, our products are conform with Hungarian Road Technical Specifications e-ÚT05.01.12 (ÚT 2-3.601-1:2008) (Road building crushed stone and gravel materials, Part 1 – Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas) and e-ÚT05.01.14. (ÚT 2-3.601-2:2009) (Road building crushed stone and gravel materials, Part 2 – Aggregates for road-, carriageway- and bridge concrete). We offer a comprehensive range of products in KZ and NZ qualities.

Railway construction

The range of our railway construction products covers railway ballast aggregates as well as materials for additional granular layers. These products – available in 32/50 and 32/63 particle size distributions – fulfil the specifications of the MSZ EN 13450:2003 standard (Aggregates for railway ballast), in accordance with AVCP level 2+. In addition to stipulations of the aforementioned product standard, our materials also comply with the quality criteria prescribed by MÁV Hungarian State Railways. Railway aggregates are produced in a number of our plants – please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

We have also taken steps in order to ensure the operational production of so-called SZK products specified in the D.11 directive of MÁV Hungarian State Railways. These products (SZK1, SZK2, etc.) are marketed on the basis of the MSZ EN 13242:2002+A1:2008 standard (Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction), in accordance with AVCP level 4, while complying with the composition- and quality-related instructions of MÁV during production (mixing). By commencing the operational production of the SZK mixes, we have become capable of providing the full range of materials required for railway works in Hungary.

Water engineering

Our water engineering products are manufactured in accordance with the MSZ EN 13383-1:2003 product standard (Armourstone. Specifications). With regard to armourstone, we are flexible and strive to fulfil all market demands – therefore, we undertake the production of both coarse (CP) and light (LM) armourstone on request. These products are manufactured in four versions. Regarding the fractions/products available at our plants, please do not hesitate to contact us. Within the confines of the product standard, we are determined to fulfil the requirements of our clients.

Mobile equipment / Acceptance of demolition waste

On request, our mobile crusher- and classifier equipment are available for deployment to external job sites.
Regarding details of our mobile equipment, please feel free to contact plant manager Dezső Béres via telephone at the +36 30 548 93 58 number or via e-mail at the address.

Bontási anyag átvételi árjegyzék

Mobil üzemeink technikai adatai

Rhyolite tuff in the ceramic industry

Hungary’s largest ceramic engineering company has based its technology on our rhyolite tuff grind since the 1980s. They recognised the potential in the material, making them able to significantly reduce manufacturing costs. Zalakerámia Zrt. is looking back to six decades of experience in the ceramic industry, leading to the application of our product.

The amount of material used in the manufacturing process can be reduced by 25-30%, and substituted with rhyolite tuff. The advantage of rhyolite tuff in terms of price difference is not negligible, and the financial gains can be further improved with our grind, as the burning temperature can be reduced due to the structure of rhyolite tuff. This results in lower energy consumption, leading to reduced costs and lower stress on the manufacturing equipment.

Rhyolite tuff in agriculture

In 1986, the company known then as Észak Magyarországi Kőbánya Vállalat (Northern Hungarian Quarrying Company) commissioned the Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences with carrying out research into the agricultural applications of rhyolite tuff. As a renowned expert in Hungary, the lion’s share of the work was performed by Dr. Mihály Köhler.

Based on experiments concluded by the university – in cooperation with 12 research institutes and several producers –, rhyolite tuff received the permit from the Ministry of Agriculture for applications related to glass and plastic greenhouse cultivation, ploughlands and horticultures, plantations, lawns, grapevine- and tree nurseries, and cultivation materials in 1993.

Since 1988, all branches of Hungarian agriculture have been characterised by decline – especially with regard to livestock breeding, which caused a downturn in fertilizer production. Consequently, the role of natural mineral matters – rich in macro, micro and trace elements – is highlighted. These are vital for soil and plants, and are therefore highly needed for producing healthy and wholesome foods.

The successful application of rhyolite tuff grind in 0/5 and 0/12 mm particle sizes is feasible for the following soil types, in the following quantities:

  • 0/5 mm particle size for sandy soils, in a quantity of 2-3 kg/m2;
  • 0/5 mm particle size for clay soils (0-10% clay content), in a quantity of 0.5-1 kg/m2
  • 0/5 and 0/12 mm particle size for clay soils (clay content over 10%), in a quantity of 2 kg/m2;
  • for plantations, depending on the size of the planting pit, in a quantity of 5-15 kg.

Advantages include the improvement of the soil’s physical, chemical and biological characteristics, as well as a supply of macro-, micro- and trace elements. Through its excellent hydrating effect and positive impact on ventilation, rhyolite tuff is also cost-efficient when it comes to irrigation and soil loosening. Following the spreading of the material, synthetic fertilisers are rendered unnecessary – if a supply of organic fertiliser is provided every 4-5 years, the effect of rhyolite tuff may be extended to as much as 8-10 years. In the spring, farming activities may commence sooner, and the structure of impermeable soils becomes lighter – consequently, the application of rhyolite tuff also results in saving energy.

With regard to livestock breeding, odour- and infection control are provided, as rhyolite tuff absorbs biogenous gases. As a result, Dr. Köhler and his team went on to call compost the organic fertiliser of the future. The composting procedure developed by the researchers enhances the nitrogen value of organic fertiliser, while decreasing technology-related costs. Therefore, the quantity of livestock manure – in lack due to the decline of livestock breeding – could be increased.

In addition to the Debrecen University, a team led by Dr. Béla Szabó PhD, a professor at the College of Nyíregyháza, Faculty of Agriculture also conducted research into the topic. In their research report, they summarised the positive effects of rhyolite tuff observed in case of maize, sour cherry and willow trees. Results noted with respect to maize fields are illustrated well by the following passage of the report:
“Through improving water management and boosting potassium content, the effect of rhyolite tuff triggered a 0.75 t/hectare increase in crop yields. Even on soils with lower nutrient contents, treatment with rhyolite tuff resulted in a significant, 2 t/hectare increase in crop yields, even though nutrient supply was ensured with synthetic fertiliser.”

Furthermore, rhyolite tuff is suitable for the treatment and recycling of domestic sewage, where the separated solids are to be dosed with a 0/5 mm particle size grind. In case of the liquid phase, the application of 20/100 mm or 5/12 mm filters is recommended for the desired results. Following solid phase extraction, the filtered liquid phase can be transferred to the nearby garden or other agricultural plots through underground drain lines, where the drain ditch is to be lined with a filter using a 5/12 mm grind. This procedure is also suitable for filtering the sewage and liquid manure from livestock farms or food processing plants.

For further information on the availability of our products, please contact our sales colleague, András Tamás via the +36 70 524 3774 phone number or the e-mail address.

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