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ASFT assessment in Győr-Moson-Sopron County

2012. 04. 03..

The Technology Directorate tested the skid resistance of secondary main roads in Győr-Moson-Sopron County on an overall length of 520 km.

A comprehensive assessment of pavement roughness characteristics is important not only on busy or high-risk sections, but on the secondary public road network and municipal roads as well. By being aware of pavement roughness data, it is possible to identify locations posing high risks of accidents, and propose reconstruction works and technologies.

The ASFT device is suitable for high-capacity – even network-level – friction coefficient (and, indirectly, surface-roughness) assessment. For qualification purposes, the device was first applied in Hungary for quality testing the RUGOSOFT wearing course during reconstruction works on motorway M5.The skid resistance of pavement surfaces is crucial with consideration to the safety of traffic. Currently, the skid friction characteristics of the national public road network are not assessed on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, all experts acknowledge the effect of this essential condition index on road-traffic safety. In addition to the skid resistance of newly built pavements, its rate of deterioration due to traffic load and the critical point when intervention becomes absolutely necessary are also important.

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