“Our Constructions” Conference in Székelyudvarhely - Colas Technológia
"Our Constructions" Conference in Székelyudvarhely

2015. 10. 30..

The Építményeink – Erdély-Partium-Bánság (Our Constructions – Transylvania-Partium-Banat) conference was organised for the third time in 2015, with a Székely city as the venue each year.

On 29-30 October 2015, the event was hosted by one of the hubs of Székely culture, the Székelyudvarhely. Similarly to the previous conferences, a colleague from Colas Hungária’s Technology Directorate, Sándor Szőke was among the speakers. He gave a presentation of a case study on the damages and repairs related to the construction of the C12/15 base layer on sections I-V of motorway M3 between 2011 and 2014.

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