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The Central Lab welcomes Croatian colleagues

2012. 02. 07..

Guests from the company group paid a professional visit to the Technology Directorate’s Central Laboratory on 26-27 January 2012. As part of the co-operation programme within the CED, members of the laboratory organisation from Colas’s Croatian subsidiary (Tomislav Hojsak and Zdravko Cimbola) acquainted themselves with the applied technologies and particularly the testing equipment and quality-control methods of the Central Lab. The colleagues arrived from Cesta-Varazdin with the specific request to have a look into various aggregate- and asphalt-control techniques: filler discharge value calculation, rutting-formation tests, moisture sensitivity on Marshall specimens, the Schellenberg drain-down test, and the determination of theoretical maximum density.

Besides the co-operation and a mutual sharing of results within Central Europe, presenting the Budapest Central Laboratory also provided a great opportunity to illustrate Colas’s professional preparedness and quality-control capabilities in Hungary.

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