Low temperature asphalt trial section near the M6 motorway - Colas Technológia
Low temperature asphalt trial section near the M6 motorway
The key advantage of low temperature asphalts compared to regular asphalts is the 30% reduction of energy consumption both at the production and the construction phase. A trial production and construction of LT 8low temperature) asphalt was carried out in Southern Hungary by Colas Hungária Zrt. on 14 November 2009. The trial mixing was performed by the Szekszárd mixing site of Colas Hungária (on the Beninghoven TBA 4000UC mixing plant). The AC 11 wearing 50/70 asphalt mix was prepared with CWM additive in proportion to 0.4% of the bitumen content. The binder temperature during production was 171-177 °C, while the aggregates’ temperature was 130 °C. The temperature of the finished mix was also 130 °C. We did not encounter any problems whatsoever concerning the installation of the finished mix.
A paver was used for building on a 300 metre long trial section on road 5603 in the M6 motorway area. The mix was well compactable at a lower temperature during the construction – we could roll the laid mix at as low as 80 °C.
This was the first LT asphalt trial section on Hungary’s national public road network. Specialists from the most important Hungarian clients also attended the event, and gave positive feedback regarding the opportunities for the large-scale introduction of the tested technology.

Starting date: 14/11/2009Kezdés: 2009.11.14.

Completion date: 14/11/2009Befejezés: 2009.11.14.

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