LT asphalt trial section near Budapest - Colas Technológia
LT asphalt trial section near Budapest
The trial manufacturing and installation of the first regular LT asphalt with normal bitumen took place in December 2008.
The mixture was prepared with the CWM Chemoran additive. The asphalt mixing took place in the mixing plant at Dunaharaszti, while the installation was carried out on a local road 40 km south of Budapest. The LT asphalt mixture was of AC 32 base type and was made with B 50/70 bitumen. The asphalt mixing temperature was 40 °C lower than usual, which is quite a significant result leading to considerable energy and cost savings. The installation temperature was approximately 114 °C. During construction, the mixture compressed easily and no problems were encountered during the installation.

Starting date: 10/12/2008Kezdés: 2008.12.10.

Completion date: 12/12/2008Befejezés: 2008.12.12.

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