Noise-reducing BBTM asphalt on the M3 motorway - Colas Technológia
Noise-reducing BBTM asphalt on the M3 motorway
In early 2010, the Eger Directorate of COLAS ÚT was selected to perform two large-scale reconstruction jobs on the left carriageway of the M3 motorway between chainages 114 and 144.

The client had agreed to install noise reducing BBTM asphalt trial sections on two short stretches of the pavements in question. These asphalt types are particularly sensitive to the quality of the NZ 0/2 fraction, thus we carried out laboratory tests – finally, we chose the Tállya quarry of Colas Északkő, where the clay mineral content of crushed sand is low. The most efficient noise reduction can be achieved by applying the smallest grain size, so we opted to use a Dmax=8mm mix.

Starting date: 16/02/2010Kezdés: 2010.02.16.

Completion date: 26/02/2010Befejezés: 2010.02.26.

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