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Whispering asphalt on the M5 motorway
In 2008, we constructed 10 km of noise reducing Rugosoft pavement in 3 cm thickness on the M5 motorway between chainages 80 and 90 km. The requirement prescribed by the operator was a strict 76 dB. In comparison, the reference standardized noise measurement (SPBI index, vehicle category I., 110 kph speed) resulted in 83 dB on the regular road surface. The result achieved with the Rugosoft pavement was 73 dB, which is a significant outcome even compared to the operator’s requirement, since 3 dB of noise reduction is equal to reducing traffic by a factor of two.

Client: AKA Zrt.

Starting date: 16/05/2008Kezdés: 2008.05.16.

Completion date: 22/05/2008Befejezés: 2008.05.22.

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