Alternative means of preserving soil moisture - Colas Északkő
Alternative means of preserving soil moisture

2018. 01. 17..

The Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture held its conference on alternative water-management methods on 16 January, and our colleague from Colas Északkő, Gábor Nemes, was invited to hold a presentation.
Since the second half of the 1980s, Colas Északkő has put immense efforts into research concerning alternative applications for rhyolite-tuff extracted at Bodrogkeresztúr. As the material is capable of absorbing and subsequently releasing 25-30% of moisture through its zeolite framework, and – thanks to its own pH value (> 7.9) – improves the nutrient supply of very strongly acidic soils, agriculture is one of the potential areas of application. Zeolite is also rich in trace elements, which makes it capable of fulfilling the nutrient needs of any plant culture. Moreover, its granular composition makes it suitable for optimising the structure of overly loose soils.
As a further application, water-management companies and agricultural experts often use zeolite as an ingredient for making compost.

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