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Rhyolite tuff in ceramic manufacturing

2013. 02. 07..

Hungary’s largest ceramic engineering company has based its technology on our rhyolite tuff grind since the 1980s. They recognised the potential in the material, making them able to significantly reduce manufacturing costs. Zalakerámia Zrt. is looking back to six decades of experience in the ceramic industry, leading to the application of our product.

The amount of material used in the manufacturing process can be reduced by 25-30%, and substituted with rhyolite tuff. The advantage of rhyolite tuff in terms of price difference is not negligible, and the financial gains can be further improved with our grind, as the burning temperature can be reduced due to the structure of rhyolite tuff. This results in lower energy consumption, leading to reduced costs and lower stress on the manufacturing equipment.

For a quotation, or for further information on our products and the manufacturing process, please feel free to contact our colleagues at the sales department.

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