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Sponsorship for spectator sports

2013. 02. 07..

Contributing to the process of building a healthier society is among the top priorities of Colas Északkő. Regular sporting activities are undoubtedly a key factor to that process. Unfortunately, the recent crisis and the resulting financial cutbacks also made their mark on sports, narrowing down possibilities to engage in healthy activities.

Football and handball – two of the world’s most popular team sports – have a rich history of traditions and triumphs in Hungary. To acknowledge the role of these sports in the life of the country, we decided show our support and make a contribution.

Under the so-called TAO-programme (which opened the possibility for companies to offer a portion of their corporate taxes to spectator sport-related purposes), we are supporting sporting clubs in several settlements throughout Hungary, ensuring their operation in the long run, and helping them obtain the necessary equipment.

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