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Destination Istambul

2012. 06. 13..

The fifth EURASPHALT & EUROBITUME Congress was held in Istanbul between 13 and 15 June 2012, attended by three of the Technology Directorate’s employees: Ágnes Vinczéné Görgényi and Zoltán Puchard representing Colas Hungária Zrt., and Gábor Roszik in the delegation of HAPA. The total number of participants exceeded 1,000, with guests arriving not only from Europe, but also from all parts of the globe – many of them colleagues from Colas. Following the opening session of the congress, four participants were commended – among them Henri Molleron of Colas France. We would like to hereby congratulate him for the prestigious award!

The three-day-long programme was divided into eight professional sessions and a poster session, following one another with no overlaps, ensuring that participants did not miss out on any important information.

The sessions focussed on the following topics:

• Health protection and social issues

• Sustainability

• Energy consumption and climate change

• Utilising existing resources and recycling

• WMA asphalts and low-temperature technologies

• Durability and performance – mixtures, binders, pavements

Several members of the international Colas team played active roles in the conference. Etienne Leboutellier held an exciting presentation on the future use of bitumen emulsions (Durability and Performance: Binders) in the seventh session, while Mr. Jean-Paul Michaut acted as session chair during the eighth session (Durability and Performance: Mixtures). Experts from Colas participated in the poster session with a number of research topics. The Technology Directorate presented its research results on two posters regarding “The repeatability and reproducibility of rutting tests” and “The change of mechanical properties (rigidity, fatigue) during factory production control”.

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