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Rheological bitumen testing with DSR equipment

2018. 10. 22..

We have previously introduced the KUAB deflectometer device obtained to support road pavement diagnostics, and the possibilities opened up by the state-of-the-art equipment. Testing bitumen is another important quality control activity among the Central Laboratory’s scope of responsibilities, and the spectrum of inspections have recently been broadened by procuring a new modular compact rheometer (MCR Smart Pave). Testing the various characteristics of bituminous binders is becoming increasingly significant when it comes to modelling the behaviour of asphalt mixtures in different temperature ranges. This is one of the reasons why the DSR (Dynamic Shear Rheometer) tests – including the definition of bitumen shear modulus – enabled by the new device are of utmost importance. Owing to the modular technology, our dynamic (oscillating) shear rheometer, which has an integrated Peltier temperature unit, can be adapted to the task at hand. The device incorporates new and innovative solutions that make previously complicated bitumen tests faster, easier and more accurate. In addition, the new rheometer ensures the full compliance of measurements with the relevant American and European standards. The temperature programme can be used to study the change of all rheological properties at different temperatures (between -40 ºC and +200 ºC) in a frequency range of 0 and 100 Hz. Meanwhile, time-dependent tests allow us to monitor the physical-chemical changes and structural stability of the given material.

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