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Tech day for designers at the Technology Directorate

2015. 02. 10..

On 10 February 2015, the Technology Directorate held another of its popular tech days – this time specifically for road designers. Due to the large number of confirmed invitations, we will have to devote at least another day to the programme, with a total number of 80 guests.

First off, designer colleagues were greeted by director Zoltán Puchard, who went on to summarise the results and possibilities of the “Sustainable Roads” project. Subsequently, presentations were held by Márton Karoliny on the sizing of road-related structures, and by the manager of the ÉMI Consultant Office, Szabolcs Nyiri on the Hungarian methodology of tecnological design.

From Colas Hungária’s chief engineers, Mária Balogh illustrated the practical considerations of contractors with experiences from major motorway projects, while Dr. Ágnes Vinczéné Görgényi informed us on the potential applications of new asphalt types developed in Hungary. Our chief concrete technologist, Zsuzsa Szilágyi held a presentation on the technical requirements and conformity of concrete mixtures, followed by her chief asphalt technologist counterpart, Gábor Roszik with his lecture on environmental alternatives through remix technologies. As a closing programme, the designers had a chance to familiarise themselves with the measurement-controlling tools and testing procedures in use at the Central Laboratory.

We hope the tech days will help to initiate a dialogue within the domain, and the consultation will serve to demonstrate Colas’ preparedness and our partnership for sophisticated design and construction processes.

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