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The significance of tyre-pavement noise increases in road construction

2014. 05. 05..

In the first week of May, our colleagues from the Technology Directorate took part in a training focussing on tyre-pavement noise measurement methods in the CST, Colas SA’s Paris campus.

CPX (close-proximity) measurements are carried out with a special trailer or with microphones fitted onto consoles mounted close to the tyres. The essence of the CPX method lies in the evaluation of signals recorded by microphones set up at a given distance from the vehicle’s or the trailer’s tyres. This enables the measurement of tyre-pavement noise and the homogeneity of the wearing course while eliminating environmental circumstances. Due to the proximity of the main source of noise – the tyre –, this method filters out ambient noise almost entirely. As opposed to statistical (SPBI) methods, the CPX technology facilitates easy application and a fast collection of data, while measurements can be carried out on the entire length of the designated stretch of road, and the results provide absolute values of tyre-pavement noise. Nevertheless, CPX can recreate the noise generated by heavy goods vehicles only to a certain extent, and does not provide data on the spreading of sound, as measurement results are limited to the tyre-pavement noise itself.

Our goal for the near future is to introduce the presented equipment in Hungary, and to make tyre-pavement noise measured with this technology a condition parameter applicable to the Hungarian public road network, which would also promote the spread of low-noise road surfaces in the country.

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