Training day for technical managers - Colas Technológia
Training day for technical managers

2010. 10. 11..

On October 21, 2010, the training series introduced at the Technology Division – known as Technology Day – continued under the framework of the “technological show”. The technical managers of the State Motorway Management Company were attending the program, and were keen to learn about the testing instruments and methods used at the Central Laboratory.

Representing the Hungarian road administration, the representatives of the state organization were greeted first by COLAS-HUNGÁRIA’s new CEO, István Sokorai. Director of Technology Zoltán Puchard gave us an in-depth presentation on the innovative test-development activities of the COLAS Group, entitled “Modern and environmentally friendly road-construction technologies and high-performance surfaces”. Chief Technician Ágnes Görgényi gave us detailed insight into the introduction of the new CEN laboratory tests in Hungary by presenting the test methods of asphalts and raw materials.

Closing the day, the presentation of the laboratory and testing instruments proved a useful occasion to present the level of professionalism, the implementation capacity, the competitiveness, and the potential opportunities of COLAS Group.

Training day for technical managers 2
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