Economic alternative to railway protective-layers at Colas Északkő
Economic alternative to railway protective-layers at Colas Északkő

2015. 12. 01..

Colas Északkő Kft. has been supplying railway-construction projects with base materials for decades. In recent years, we have been manufacturing the products coded SZK1 and SZK2 – with considerable energy input – from 0/22 (also known as M22) and 0/32 materials, respectively. In nearly all cases, SZK1 and SZK2 are the mandatorily applicable components for the construction of protective layers on Hungarian railway projects. However, while reviewing French standards, we found matches in conformities that led us to the question: are the existing 0/22 and 0/32 products already suitable for protective layer construction on railway lines?

Based on research conducted by the Széchenyi István University in 2013, these products fulfilled the functional criteria prescribed by the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV), and were also found suitable for protective-layer construction purposes following multiple rounds of specific tests. Owing to these highly positive results, the maintenance branch of MÁV chose to replace 60,000 tonnes of SZK1 product with M22 from our Tállya quarry during a railway-reconstruction project. As a result, they went on to save 110 million forints, while ending up with identical performance parameters. The experts of MÁV intend to rely on these convincing experiences during the long-term development of their standards.

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