Experimental blasting with charge-loading vehicle - Colas Északkő
Experimental blasting with charge-loading vehicle

2014. 04. 24..

For decades, Colas Északkő Kft. has used blasting sequences with large-diameter holes for primary ground-breaking in the company’s Tállya quarry. However, as related technologies develop and clients keep presenting higher requirements, blasting companies are coming up with newer and more sophisticated techniques.

On 24 April 2014, Austin Powder Hungary Kft. carried out experimental blasting operations in our Tállya plant. In contrast with previous shots – when explosives were placed into blast holes manually – this work phase was carried out using a charge-loading vehicle.

Two rows of nearly 24.5-m-long blast holes were drilled with 75 degree inclination in a 4×4.5 m pattern, and the weight of explosive charges added up to 8900 kg.

Following the detonation, the approximately 50 000-tonne pile spread out evenly due to appropriate crushing and excellent blasting techniques. As a positive feature of the newly tried method, the dewatering of holes was not necessary, which is expected to shorten loading times in the future. By applying a charge-loading vehicle, the number of charging personnel can be reduced, which also leads to lower costs.

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