Guinness world record in Tokaj - Colas Északkő
Guinness world record in Tokaj

2013. 09. 21..

Tokaj celebrated the 25th anniversary of its twin town relationships with a Guinness world record. The chief sponsor of the event was Colas Északkő.

Oestrich-Winkel, located some 50 km west of Frankfurt, has been Tokaj’s twin town for 25 years. In cooperation with the Friends from Tokaj-Oestrich-Winkel Association, the cities found a rather unique way to commemorate this special anniversary.

On 20-21 September 2013, a jubilee gala was held in the Paulay Ede Theatre, followed by a standing reception in the Cultural and Conference Centre. The festival’s central attraction was the Guinness record attempt involving a 1025-m-long row of wine glasses winding down the town’s main street. Participating winemakers – each of them responsible for a 30-m-long section – filled over 20000 adjoining glasses carefully placed on planks laid over wine crates. Some of Tokaj’s other twin towns, such as Rust, Austria and Cormons, Italy, also joined the celebration, bringing their own wines. The record attempt was complemented by a wide range of colourful programmes (a display and fair of locally made handicraft products, open-air wine and gastronomy programmes, etc.). After the record had been certified, guests had the pleasure of tasting the wines.

The chief sponsor of the event was Colas Északkő Kft, since the company maintains a close, cordial relationship with the town. In addition, nearby villages – embracing rich mining traditions – also represented themselves with their finest drinks. Naturally, Északkő’s support of the event was not merely financial: our employees cut and painted the special milestones helping to measure the length of the wine glass row and marking the borderlines between sections belonging to different wineries.

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